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                     Bella villa is a traditional, family owned and operated Italian pizzeria located in Smyrna, Delaware, celebrating over 39 years in business.  Ernesto Carannante Sr, founder, originally from a small town in Napoli, Italy had a dream of owning his own pizzeria and finding his own success.  Ernesto arrived to the United States in the early 70s.  He lived in Brooklyn and only found work as a dishwasher in Trenton, New Jersey.  Eventually, he worked his way up to sandwich making then managed to be top pizza maker.  One of Ernesto's greatest qualities is the ability to learn quickly.  His determination to learn more about cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, lead him to his dream of having his own restaurant.  He learned to love the art of cooking and added his own flare by inventing new dishes while keeping his mother's influence from back home.    

In Brooklyn, he met Luisa.  Although they knew each other around their own hometowns in Italy, it is in Brooklyn, they fell in love and married.  Soon after marrying, Ernesto embarked on having his own pizzeria and supporting his family.  Ernesto's Pizza Gallery opened in September of 1977.  Building his recipes from handed down family recipes and with using only the highest quality, and fresh ingredients.  Ernesto and luisa found success in Smyrna.  Eventually family from both sides came over to help and start their own business. 

                      Ernesto and Luisa have always owned and operated the Smyrna location since day one.  Ernesto has opened 8 pizzeria's in his career but has always stayed close to home where he and Luisa started. They continued to raise their family and became well known in the community for their Authenic dishes, especially for their delicious New York Style Pizza.  In the late 80s, Ernesto's Lounge opened next door to the pizzeria.  After a few years, the hard working couple decided to close the lounge and make the pizzeria and family their primary focus.  In the early 90s, Ernesto and Luisa decided to expand to a larger location in the same shopping center.  Two doors down from the original space and with a new name, Bella Villa was open for business.  By then, the eldest Rosa, was helping more and more and as were Ernesto and Tina at a very young age.  
In time, Ernesto Jr has managed to establish his own name and manages Trevi Ristorante, which was opened in 2006 and located across from the center in which the pizzeria is located.  Tina continues to help by managing Bella Villa with her mother Luisa. 

Through the years, the Carannante family still uses the highest quality ingredients and recipes that built the business from when it was started in 1977.  From making their own dough on a daily basis, to the pasta dishes served, each recipe is made from scratch and prepared accordingly when ordered. 
At times in the rush of business, it is hard to properly greet and thank every customer, the Carannante family and staff value and are very thankful to all their patrons and always look forward to the next time in serving each customer and satisfying their hungry appetites, while helping the dream of one man that started it all back in 1977.  
Thank you for over 39 years Smyrna!